Our Church Consulting Services Ministry

They Don’t Teach This in Seminary or Bible College!

Pastors are taught a variety of things, including how to exegete the Word, pastoral care, church planting, and church growth strategies - but no one teaches them what to do when they are successful and need to build church facilities. We are here to help.

Your church will never undertake a task that is more demanding or complicated in terms of cost, risk, and effort than in a church building program. However, those in your church are largely unequipped by either training or experience to lead the church in a building program in a optimal manner.

The purpose, therefore, of our church construction consulting ministry is to equip and guide your church in building the best building for the ministry in a manner that will:

Reduce:  Uncertainty, Cost, Effort, and Risk

Increase:  Satisfaction with the finished project, Unity and concurrence in the body of Christ while building, and Financial support for the project.

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