Need a Church Architect or Church Building Plans?

If your church is in the market for a church architect or church building plans, you will want to check out this new web portal,

This new portal provides access to stock building plans from experienced church architects. Visitors are able to view church building plans by building size or seating capacity. If a church desires, a free consultation to help identify the most appropriate plan for a church’s needs and budget is available. If the church desires to purchase one of these stock plans, an order can be placed with the church architect that supplied the plans.

Most of the plans on the site may be purchased “as-is” from previous building programs and then brought up to local building code (for fee) either by the church architect that originally designed the plan, or by an architect of the church’s choice.

As one developer put it, “this is a real blessing to the church and will save a great deal of time, and effort, not to mention money.” In addition to allowing users to download preliminary plans, the site offers referrals to church building and capital campaign consultants, financing sources, and builders.