Don’t Complain About Your Church Building

The next time you are feeling like complaining that your church building is too small, too crowded, too cold, too dark, or that the building is preventing you from growing, think about this picture.
This is a picture of an unregistered Baptist congregation that met in the forest for 10 years because they were not allowed to have a building during the Soviet era.  This picture was taken just outside what is now Kiev, Ukraine.  No matter what you don’t like about your building, I would wager they would have been very thankful for what you have.
Notice the Lord’s Supper table in front of the congregation.  How many of our churches would have 30 or more people for a service where they had to walk to church and then stand in the snow to hear a sermon, and do so in defiance of a government that was not too keen on human rights??
Photo & story courtesy of FrontLine Missions, I urge you to support FrontLine Missions or any organization that is taking the Word into areas of persecution and oppression.