Are Church Capital Campaigns Biblical?


In Exodus we read about God giving Moses explicit instructions on the building of the tent of the tabernacle. He also gives very clear instructions to Moses concerning how to pay for the tabernacle in Chapter 25 when he says (paraphrased) “Tell my people to take up an offering for the building of My sanctuary that I might dwell among them.” Exodus 25:2,8.

The second building program was that of the temple.  In 1 Chronicles 29 we see King David giving an offering for the building of the temple and then challenging the leaders and people of Israel to give.  As a matter of fact, there is not a single instance of significant building or rebuilding anywhere in the OT that does not involve a special offering to cover the cost of the building program.

A capital campaign is the name of the process of encouraging the people to give a special offering for the purchase of capital assets such as land and buildings (or to retire the debt thereof).  So the next time someone offers the opinion that capital campaigns are not biblical, point them to the examples of these two great men of God.

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